You Could Be A Real Good Man

by Miss Lopez & The Wandering Few

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I'm very thankful to all the musicians who landed their talents, even if it was this one time for the album they all are a part of the Wandering Few and will forever be Special Wanderers in my heart. For the album they include:

-RYAN BAK: Electric Bass and Cigar Bass(he made from scratch a standup bass out of an old HUGE cuban cigar box, see our Facebook and email him to fix your guitars and basses in Seattle area:


-CORREEN ROWLES(from the band IVORY LEAVES): flute and piano ... teaches both in Portland

-JESS PENNER( BGV's Trk 6 and 7(bridge) electric guitar Trk 9

-ADAM HARNEY(from the band Loaded For Bear): Electric Guitar Trk 2, 6, 7, 8

-NATE WALKER: Electric Guitar

-SHAWN SCHLOGEL(jazz pianist extraordinaire, hire him! Trk 5 organ

-Ben Ticknor: Bass Violin

and the Lovely LAURA KUCERA: violin and cello


released June 1, 2012

*All Songs Written & Co-Produced by Valeri Lopez

*Co-Produced and Mixed by Kevin Penner at Green Bean Recording Studios(Los Angeles, CA)

*Strings, Elecrtic guitar except Trk 9 and Mandolin recorded by Adam Harney at Deep Search Studios(Portland, OR)

*Mastered by Dale Becker at Bernie Becker Mastering(Los Angeles, CA)



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Sky Light Blue
The Sky is a light blue
My heart is a dark blue
Because you fake it, and I'll take it
Every time.

Don't you dare try to talk to me
Cause I won't bend or fold
Because I fake it, and I'll prove I'm as hard as a rock

Would you hold on to things unsaid
I have been waiting for the right words
Would you break down and show me who you really are
so I know (if I need to let you go)

Can't you tell how I look at you
When you walk right by me
But I'll never be too obvious
Track Name: Old Man(You Can't Take It Back)
(I wrote this as if I were an old man looking back on my life)

Time is wasting, you are changing
From fair smooth skin to lines that speak of sin
But you can't take it back, you can't take it back

When I think of all that I have done
Every time I let a good choice pass me by
But You can't take it back, You can't take it back

And I feel so lost... I feel just fine

Faded thoughts and memories like this old photograph
I hold in my hand
Five kids and a wife, but you can't take it back

And I feel so lost... I feel just fine

Now ya'll grown up without my help
I know, I know ohhh I know I was no good to leave
But you can't take it back, I can't take it back

And I feel so lost... I feel might fine
Cause I got my car, I got my girl
I got Florida
But I feel so lost...

I feel just fine.
Track Name: I Wait For You
So the story behind this is song is that I wrote this about my Grandma Jo before she had full on dementia. When I had written this song, it was during a few stories she was telling me over and over. Back then I thought oh Grandma Jo just talks a lot but it was the affects of Dementia and as she told me her sad story I wrote this song for her. And my message to her was after she's done telling the story I'll hold her. She doesn't remember who I am anymore but she's really happy when I'm around and when we talk. She's like a child now. So remember to treat your elders with respect and love because one day they might be like a child again. And like them, you don't know if you will be like a child in your old age, unable to take care of yourself, so treat them respectfully and teach your children to do the same.
Track Name: The Killer's Song
Does anyone recognize any lyric in this song?? Are you a Killer's Fan? I wrote this for that band. If you do know any of the words comment here:
Track Name: Goodbye For Today
I wrote this song when I was living in Italy, in Florence. Everyone eats dinner around 11-12 at night and then goes out and I was trying to take a nap so I could be ready to go out that night, but I just couldn't sleep so I grabbed my guitar, went on the roof and wrote this song about everything that was happening around me. It was nearing the time when I'd have to return to Los Angeles and I did not want to leave. I had been living there for almost 1 year. So this is what happened that evening:

The Clock is blinking 6pm, I am trying to sleep
but I guess I won't
The antennas on our roof tops are in a sad state of being
they're breaking in half
I like to watch the birds above me doing their special little dances, chasing the ones they love
The sky is fading into purple, The sun is saying goodbye
Goodbye For Today

But I think I'll stay up here a little longer

I close my eyes and listen to the ringing bells of the duomo(which is the church in the center of the city)
Florence, Italy
and in my mind I've all ready departed for Los Angeles
a place that I know too well

But I think I'll stay up here a little longer
Yeah I think I'll stay
Track Name: You Could Be A Real Good Man
I wrote this about a person I saw could be so much more than what he was letting himself be, I know he's a real good man.